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November 9, 2022

Cold Weather Guidelines

Children need time to expend energy and soak up fresh air and sunshine. For these reasons, we ask that all our students go outside. If your child is recovering from sickness, we request a note from you indicating your desire for them to stay in from recess. For one day, a note from parents will do. After the first day, a note from a doctor is required to stay in. Otherwise, we plan that a part of every child’s school day will be spent in the fresh air.

The students will not go outside for recess when the temperature and/or wind chill is at 0 degrees or below. These are maximum wind chill guidelines. If at any time the recess supervisor(s) believes it is too cold, they will bring students inside regardless of time or temperature.
The children however, need to dress accordingly for outside activities. It is important that they have caps, mittens or gloves, and boots for snow play. We also ask that children in kindergarten through 5th grade have snowpants if they choose to play in the snow. Children without boots will be asked to stay on the blacktop. It would also be helpful if you would consider sending extra socks and sweat pants for your child/children. We don’t have a big enough supply of clothing at school to accommodate everyone who gets wet at recess and we don’t want the children to spend the school day in wet clothing. This might also save you a trip to school with replacements.

Please label their coats, boots, snowpants, and other clothing items. It is quite common for children to have the same type of clothing. If your child loses an item, please check the “lost and found” box located outside of the lunchroom. Most items eventually show up there.